Kapow 2012

A great big Arclight Trading thank you to everyone who visited and supported Myself  at Kapow! 2012

Below are some photos from Arclight Tradings first show at the Kapow Comic Convention.

Kapow 2012 header

I was extremely please when producer, director Rick McCallum, (who’s work includes producing Star Wars I, II & III, Producing special editions of Star Wars IV, V & IV and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) came over and took an interest in Arclight Trading at Kapow! What a great guy. A big thank you to Rick for the support and time he took to talk with myself about the work Arclight Trading produces. So maybe if there is to be a StarWars VII and Mr Lucas needs anything, he’ll know who to call.

My sign is quite personal as well as an advertisement. It samples the materials I use and give's some idea of my ability's. All hand made (including the hands).This was on set up day. The day before I spent two days talking with many many great people about all that is Arclight Trading. Thanks to all for your time and support at Kapow 2012!Who would have thought producer director Rick McCallum would have taken an interest in my creations at the show. What a great guy. A big thank you to Rick for the support and time he took to talk with myself about all that is Arclight Trading. So maybe if there is to be a StarWars VII and Mr Lucas needs anything, he will know who to call.Johannes Roberts and Noel Clarke took some out of promotion of there new movie Storage 24 to pay me a visit at Kapow 2012! You never no they could need something created in the future . Many thank to you both for your time.Stew and Karen as the Punishers with the Arclight Knight on standby.Or as everybody that wanted to lift it or not Asked. 'Is that Thors hammer and can I get a photo'. Wow great to have had made so much of an impression with this piece and all your interest . Thank you Great costumes guys thanks for your visit. The two Box Knights at the show were set in a small scene with big ideas. Bad Taste Bears artist Pete Underhill and I before his marathon signing session. Great guy with an awesome twist on teddy bears. Lokie and Thor from Orbital comics. Thank you lady's for your visit.But the best I could offer was a photo.Yes Mr wrestler sir of course you can lift the hammer.This started life as the cowl to the wood burner I made for my workshop. And then as some say 'your imagination carried you away again' However some times I'm glad it dose. Even all the time it took to file the windows out of the Chrysler building. These guys and girls look great, fantastic to see and talk about your costumes.This Iron chrome plated helmet looks fantastic not just at the show. The face part has an up and over slide motion to reveal just who is the Iron man.Lucha libre wrestlers came to vist the stand and myself at Kapow! they are amazing entertainers inside and outside the ring. Thanks to you all for your support.Quite humbling to have been such an attraction at Kapow! So many people I talked to about the endless possibility's that Arclight Trading could offer. From imagination to creation that's Arclight Trading.My Arclight Knight seemed the perfect back up in loads of photos thanks to you all. Hmm! Captain America and the Arclight Knight sounds like a movie in the making. Thanks cap great shield and costume. Sometimes I prefer my creations in there roar state. But when Adam from ' PJ powder coating' paints my work he dose not disappoint. So many people lifted the Arclight Hammer. Even in the watching crowds approved. The Chrome plating on this Mask is floor-less, I had tried to create this with the understanding that it has seen battle. And the guys at 'Best Electroplating' always enhance my creations. This little chap deserves the biggest thanks for his question. Over all the atmosphere and thousands in attendance this little chap asks me `are you Tonys son?` As long as he meant Stark and not the tiger. Thanks little man, if only.